C-MAR America New Business Success

There was more good news coming from C-MAR America in February 2012 with a new contract being signed with the ‘Breaux Brothers Shipyard’ in Louisiana. The contract is for 2 fast supply, aluminum, crew boats. The vessels will be US Flagged and classified ABS DP-2. C-MAR will supply the FMEA study, DP Ops Manual, and all of the required US Coast Guard stuff such as Design Verification Test Procedure (DVTP), Qualitative Failure Analysis (QFA) and Periodic Safety Test Procedure (PSTP).


This is a really good win for C-MAR because this is the first contract we have ever entered into with ‘Breaux Brothers Shipyard’ and it is also the first time we have entered into a relationship with the future vessel owners "Gulf Logistics".


‘Breaux Brothers’ were founded in 1983 to build aluminum boats, they specialize in custom built vessels, built to the Owner's requirements and specifications. Examples of vessel types built include crew boats, tender boats, pumper boats, crew/supply boats, safety-standby vessels, catamarans, patrol boats, sightseeing vessels, dive vessels, and wireline work-over barges. Also, self-propelled deck work barges, fishing yachts, motor yachts, house boats, drive fishing vessels, whale watching vessels, pilot vessels, and oil skimming vessels have been built.


On top of the new business success we have also been contracted to provide Technical Services on 9 new Offshore Support Vessel’s (OSV) for Seacor and Abdon Callais and C-MAR will be providing the FMEA's,  DP Ops Manuals, DVTP, PSTP, QFA  and proving sea trials on all 9 vessels for ‘Master Boat Builders’. This contract success is in addition to the 5 vessels we already had on our books with these operators and makes a total of 14 vessels now contracted. These vessels are exact sister ships to each other for both Seacor and Abdon Callais and the work is scheduled over the next 2 years concluding in December 2014 if the dates remain unchanged & so will provide significant income for C-MAR over that period.


‘Master Boat Builders’ the Alabama shipyard that is constructing these vessels opened in 1979 with a vision to build quality boats for quality minded customers, they specialize in work boats such as OSV’s and DSV’s.


 More details on the clients that are having these vessels built are as follows:

-‘SEACOR Marine’ operates a fleet of offshore marine support vessels, serving the global offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry. With vessels strategically deployed offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, Latin America, the North Sea, West Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, they provide a broad range of offshore support services.

-‘Abdon Callais Offshore’ is one of the fastest growing Marine Transportation companies in the Gulf of Mexico. They currently operate a range of vessels designed to carry personnel and a wide variety of cargo to any offshore installation or location.


Both companies have been expanding their fleets significantly with new build vessels and this is obviously set to continue into the foreseeable future.

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