Another New Contract for C-MAR America

There has been more fantastic news for C-MAR America with them announcing that they have been awarded another large contract for Technical services. This contract is for FMEA services, DP-Ops Manuals and System Integration with VT Halter Marine in Mississippi and the contract is for 8 OSV’s that once built will be owned by ‘Hornbeck Offshore’ in Louisiana.


‘VT Halter Marine’ shipyards have an impeccable 50-year tradition of shipbuilding excellence as an internationally-acclaimed shipbuilder, noted for being the largest designer and builder of small to medium-sized ocean-going vessels in the United States for many years. VT Halter Marine through its lineage, is a leading world-class shipbuilder providing a wide inventory of diversified, high-tech maritime products to U.S. and international markets. VT Halter Marine has the world’s largest capacity for small to medium size ship construction and can meet even the most challenging design and construction schedules.


‘Hornbeck Offshore’ is a leading provider of technologically advanced, new generation OSV’s serving the offshore oil and gas industry, primarily in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and in select international markets. The focus of their OSV business is on complex exploration and production activities, which include deepwater, deep well and other logistically demanding projects.


Here are the particulars of the vessel design and contract:


The vessel: Is a VT Halter design called the “ VTHM Super 320”

Measurement:  290 ft. x 64 ft. OSV

Delivery: First boat in October 2013 and then one every 2 months thereafter until all 8 are gone.

Owner: Hornbeck Offshore

Scope of Supply: FMEA, DP-Ops Manual, QFA, DVTP,PSTP and System Integration


‘Jeff Bockmeyer’ the Business Development Manager at C-MAR America commented ‘This is a very prestigious win for C-MAR because of the high profile of the shipyard and owner-operator in the United States. The fact that it is a large contract for 8 vessels doesn’t hurt either.’

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