Company Hierarchy

People are at the heart of our business. The development, well-being and effectiveness of individuals is fundamental to how we operate. The DP Centre, Teleinformatics and our five core strands of business are led by longstanding industry experts who, between them, have many years’ experience in the oil and gas and marine sectors.


Chris Hawdon

Group Chairman

Chris is a Master Mariner who has been involved with Dynamically Positioned vessels since 1977. His offshore experience includes 10 years in command of DP diving/construction and drilling vessels and he was subsequently a founder member of the C-MAR Group in 1989. He has served as Group Chairman throughout the last 25 years.

Ron Murray

Group President

Ron is a Master Mariner who spent 10 years in the Merchant Navy and then17 years working in the offshore field as Master on a variety of Oil Rigs culminating with 7 years as Master of a Dynamically Positioned Drill Ship. He is one of the founding members of the C-MAR Group and has served as President of the Group throughout the past 25 years.

Peter Aylott

Group Director & Chief Operating Officer

Peter served for 16 years in the Royal Navy, navigating a full range of warships and completed his sea going career in command. In his final appointment he was responsible for all shore based navigation and deck officer training. Leaving the RN in 2007, Peter joined the Nautical Institute as Director of Professional Development where his remit included oversight of the accreditation of DP training providers and the Institute’s DP certificate scheme. Joining C-MAR Group in 2009, he is now Group Director and Chief Operating Officer with Full Board responsibilities.

Ian Smith

Group Director & Chief Financial Officer

Ian is a Chartered Accountant, with almost 30 years’ experience in his field. Having started his career as a professional auditor and worked for one of the Big Four Audit firms, he moved his attention from auditing to commerce in 1994. Ian has worked in Africa (South Africa and Nigeria), United Kingdom (England and Scotland), and in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), in manufacturing, asset management, B2B services, power generation, construction, business development, and most recently in the marine and energy sector. Ian joined
C-MAR Group in 2011 and is the Group Director and Chief Financial Officer with full board responsibilities.

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